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We take personal interest in every client's flight training goals and  strive to help them achieve those goals while sustaining the  joy in flying.

We shall be glad to be of hand to you to address your individual needs whether as safety pilot for a destination which you do not feel comfortable to handle alone for the first time, or as your individual flight training instructor to brush up on your landing techniques,  or practice different instrument approaches.

We offer skill refresher and recurrent training for both european and US american license holders.


Biennial Flight Review 

Instrument Proficiency Check

Endorsement for Knowledge Test 

Endorsement for Checkrides


                               Complex Aircraft

                                Tail Dragger

                                High Performance             



Befähigungsüberprüfung Instrument Airplane

Praktische Prüfung Instrument Airplane

Verlängerung Klassenberechtigung Airplane

Typerating  PA 31T/42

Verlängerung ICAO English Level 4


Customized flights

Have you ever thought of flying somewhere outside of your comfort zone?   Imagine flying your own aircraft and landing somewhere else than the usual destinations since you have your pilot license.

How about taking some time and friends in  an aircraft which you can handle well and spend some days in the Isle of Islay, Scotland for whisky tasting  or in Iceland for chasing northern lights or just enjoying the nature. Maybe visiting Greenland and beyond?

When one day this pandemic is under control and we can move again much freely, we shall be happy to provide assistance in the planning and flight support  for such undertaking. 

We can also provide safety pilot for the first endeavour to give you a hand and opportunity to also enjoy the time on the ground wherever your new destination might be.

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