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For more than a  decade, our independent Platinum CSIP Instructor  gives  out transition training and skill refresher on the different Cirrus SR 20/22/22T from the first to the latest Cirrus SR generation with Avidyne, Perspective, and Perspective Plus Avionics.

Cirrus Aircraft worldwide network of Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots (CSIPs) is    composed of experienced Instrument Flight Instructors (CFII’s) that have    been trained directly at Cirrus Aircraft headquarters in USA. They have been taught the best practices and procedures derived from Cirrus Aircraft Flight Operations, Engineering and Service Teams.    All CSIPs use standardized flight operations    manuals, syllabus suites, and procedures to ensure that your flight    training is consistent with other Cirrus pilots’ training anywhere in the world and with that of the    factory training at Cirrus Headquarters. 

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