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CUSTOMIZED FLIGHT TRAINING AND SERVICES We can customize a training plan that meets your needs. You also may chose to conduct training outside of Germany or use your instructor to assist in a cross country flight where you still not feel comfortable to conduct on your own.  We can accompany you on your flights while conducting training. .
CAPS (PARACHUTE) TRAINING All pilots flying Cirrus aircraft should complete formal CAPS training. The training experience is greatly enhanced when conducted in a realistic flight training device. Through repetitive CAPS activations and challenging emergency situations, you’ll be more confident that you will use CAPS properly if the necessity arises in flight.
IFR REFRESHER Real-life IMC approaches actually occur surprisingly infrequently, as does holding, circling approaches, or missed approaches. IFR pilots are strongly encouraged to complete the IFR Refresher course to help remove some rust but also to build confidence and increase aircraft utility. Pilots wishing to get back into IFR flying or looking to expand their IFR capabilities will find this course both challenging and rewarding
AIRMANSHIP REFRESHER Many general aviation accidents occur during the landing phase of flight. These accidents are typically the result of poor airmanship or aircraft control capabilities, which may degrade over time or periods of inactivity. Complete the Airmanship Refresher course if you are interested in honing your aircraft control skills. Completing the takeoff and landing challenge along with the slow flight and stall series will boost your confidence and expand your pilot capabilities. Rehearse emergency procedures in the flight training device and know that you will be better prepared to handle situations that can arise in flight.
PARTNER IN COMMAND CAPS TRAINING Frequent non-pilot passengers are encouraged to attend the Partner in Command course which focuses on basic procedures for activating the aircraft’s parachute system, basic autopilot procedures, and basic communication procedures. The flight training device provides an optimal environment for practicing multiple activations. In addition to CAPS activation, you’ll learn basic autopilot procedures, communication procedures, and post deployment survival tips.
Cirrus SR22 Simulator - Poznan
Cirrus Jet Simulator - Poznan
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