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N-registered Aircraft Biennial Flight Review Instrument Proficiency Check LBA Instrument Rating Instructor and Flight Examiner Renewal and extension of  EASA Instrument Rating ICAO English Proficiency Test Examiner Glascockpit Transition Training Cirrus SR20/SR22 Transition Training Individual Flight Safety Training in Privately Owned Aircraft Preparation-Organization for any Pilot Training in U.S.A. Preparation-Organization for any Self-flown Trip Worldwide Time Building in Europe or USA with Attractive Destinations Introduction to Flying in the German Airspace for FAA-license Holders Ferry Flights within Europe, over the North Atlantic,  Worldwide Safety Pilot * Aircraft Check-Outs * Tail Dragger Sign Offs High Performance Aircraft Sign Offs * Complex Aircraft Sign Offs Multiengine Flight Training Piper Cheyenne Seminars on Flying over the North Atlantic and other Actual Aviation Topics 
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